Frequently Asked Questions

The Carillon Communities are a living and learning program offered to students who are creative, curious, and compassionate, and see themselves as team players and emerging problem solvers. The Carillon Communities are designed to provide more incoming freshman the opportunity to participate in a living and learning program.

Being part of a living-learning community:
Helps make this big campus feel smaller.
Helps students develop a network with other students.

The Carillon Communities:
Provide students an interesting way to satisfy general education requirements and learn approaches for academic success.
Each community is designed around a course that satisfies general education.
Offer a unique introduction to the University including a special Carillon studio course. This course helps students develop a more satisfying and intentional college experience.
Provide opportunities for students to develop an awareness and appreciation of campus resources and policies.
Provide an opportunity to cultivate supportive networks with fellow students and a University professor.

Carillon Communities selected themes that represented a broad perspective, applicable to all students. Each course focuses on skills that are beneficial to all, no matter your current or intended major.

No, the themes are applicable across all majors. The course taken as part of Carillon Communities fulfill general education requirements, part of the University graduation requirement for all majors. Participating in a community that does not match your current or intended major exposes you to a different discipline, while improving your fundamental academic skills, that prepare you for the demanding and changing world.

The Carillon Community courses are General Education courses. All students must complete the General Education Program as part of their degree.

All newly admitted students register for their courses when they attend one of the mandatory summer orientations. For more information on Orientation and available dates.

We encourage students to list community choices because of the possibility that they will not receive their first choice. If you only choose one community and are not placed in your first choice you will not be placed in another community, and will not be a member of the Carillon Communities.

Yes, you will still be part of the Carillon Communities if you declare a major. However, by declaring a major your advising home will change. You will no longer receive advising from Letters and Sciences, but from your major's academic home.

Each community can accommodate a maximum of 60 students.

Carillon Communities students are assigned a room in Easton Hall. To participate in University housing you MUST complete the Housing/Dining Services Agreement by May 1.

Every new first-year student who desires to live in campus residence halls MUST complete the 2017-2018 Housing/Dining Services Agreement by May 1 to be eligible to live on campus. The housing agreement can be found at Residential Life.

Each Carillon Community floor can accommodate a limited amount of non-program residents. To request a roommate you need to email with both/all of your full names and University ID numbers with the request to have that student/s as your roommate. Resident Life will need a similar request from the other student/s to consider the request mutual. Resident Life cannot guarantee housing requests, but will try to honor them if possible. The best consideration date for any housing request is June 30.