The iGive Carillon Community

What Makes Real and Lasting Change?

UMD President Loh with 4 iGive studentsLearn about philanthropy, innovation, and social change - then make it happen! As a class you'll identify a social cause you're passionate about then invest $10,000 to an organization promoting change. You'll practice the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of innovators who are changing the world ... for good.

You can expect to:
    • Address some of the big problems facing the world today.
   • Learn effective approaches and entrepreneurial skills required to achieve social impact.
   • Visit various local nonprofit organizations.
   • Develop skills in research, teamwork and presentation.

Note: iGIVE is a two-semester academic program. Unlike the Enterprising Cultures and the Once and Future Planet communities, this program engages you in courses during the fall and spring semesters.

Community Courses

Fall Semester: You will take PLCY214 - Leading and Investing in Social Change: Redefining and Experimenting with Philanthropy. This three-credit course introduces you to theories of philanthropy and engages you in creating your own philanthropic investment fund.
Sample syllabus (Fulfills General Education I-Series requirement)

Spring Semester: You will take PLCY215 – Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now. This three-credit course provides the opportunity to work on a social issue that you care about. You will investigate the issue, interview stakeholders, and develop a mission statement and project plan. With a team of students you will test your project, receiving feedback from your peers in the 8-week, student-run, Do Good Challenge.
Sample syllabus (Fulfills General Education Scholarship in Practice requirement)


Picture of Sarah WashburnProfessor Susannah Washburn, School of Public Policy, leads the iGIVE community.

Professor Washburn teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in philanthropy, leadership and social change. She is affiliated with the School of Public Policy's Do Good Institute. Washburn is passionate about helping young people turn their idealism into action and actively works with students to develop their analytic, communication and management skills.

Prior to teaching at the University of Maryland, Professor Washburn served in political appointments under both the Bush and Obama Administrations at the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps, where she held various positions, including Program Officer, Senior Advisor, and Acting Chief of Staff. She was appointed Executive Director of the White House Council for Community Solutions in 2012.