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Carillon Communities is a one-year living-learning program where first year students work with faculty to ask Big Questions that matter to our world, and learn to use teamwork and creative problem solving approaches.

Easton hall exterior

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  • Live and learn with a community, helping you cultivate friendships and making the big campus feel small
  • Students participating in Carillon Communities will reside in Easton and Hagerstown Hall.

"I was able to meet a lot of my close friends on my floor and it is nice to be able to communicate and work with them in both my Community Course and the Carillon Studio course."

frederick douglass statue

group of students pose outside museum

  • Work with a faculty expert on a Big Question
  • Engage with relevant sources (eg. speakers from NASA and the Smithsonian, library special collections, research data)
  • Learn teamwork and problem solving skills while working in diverse teams to creatively address aspects of your community’s Big Question


"The construction of the course was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The class was small and intimate, creating the perfect environment for discussion. I found myself entirely engaged in the class’ significant questions."

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  • Learn skills to make teamwork effective, efficient and successful
  • Use design thinking skills and abilities to address your personal Big Question: “How will I use my time at UMD?”
  • Design a Maryland plan that is unique to your interests, including coursework and extra-curricular activities

design thinking sample illustration

"Through working with a team of my peers I have considered different courses, internship opportunities and career paths. The design of the Studio course allows you to make your wildest dreams into realistic dreams through the coursework at Maryland." 

A Year in Carillon...

Live with your community and complete the two Carillon Courses

Carillon Community Course:

  • 3 credit course for each community
  • Addresses the community Big Question
  • Contributes to UMD General Education 

Carillon Studio Course:

  • 1-credit course for all Carillon students
  • Learn design thinking in small sections
  • Explore University resources and develop a Maryland Plan

Both courses teach creative problem solving, teamwork and communication. These are skills demanded of successful students in all majors and careers. Carillon courses are designed to complement your intended major and fulfill general education credits.

  • Live with your community
  • Participate in social events on your floor
  • Participate in Carillon leadership opportunities
  • Begin to implement your MD plan with support from Carillon faculty and instructors
  • Enroll in optional Carillon-only courses
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