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Carillon Communities

Exploring Big Questions that Matter to Our World

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Carillon Communities is a living-learning program
where students translate their curiosity into action
using creative problem solving and teamwork.


The Communities:

artist paints wall

Can art effect social change?

Art & Activism

digital media illustration

What are our constitutional rights and ethical responsibilities as citizens of the digital world?

Digital Media & Law

global health rendering

How do we ensure everyone has the information needed to live a long and healthy life?

Health Justice

hands holding hearts

How do I give?


illustration of cave drawings

Does information drive human history?


earth from space

How does understanding Earth's past help us plan for the future?

Once & Future Planet

data illustration

Is data beautiful?

Visualizing Knowledge

climate illustration

What are weather and climate? 

Weather & Climate

Post-It notes on notebook as part of mind-map exercise

Learn teamwork and problem solving skills while working in diverse teams to creatively address aspects of your community’s Big Question

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