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About Carillon Communities

Carillon students at summer orientation
Carillon Communities is a one-year living-learning program where you address Big Questions important to our world and important to your own educational path. Carillon is composed of ten communities broadly grouped into three themes; Social Justice, Science, and Entrepreneurship. Each community is guided by a faculty expert and explores a Big Question.

What's in it for me?

As a first-year Carillon student you will:

  • Live and learn with a community, helping you cultivate friendships and making the big campus feel small.
  • Work with a faculty expert on a Big Question.
  • Engage with relevant sources (eg. speakers from NASA and the Smithsonian, library special collections, research data).
  • Learn to collaborate in diverse teams.
  • Design a Maryland experience that is unique to your interests, including coursework and extra-curricular activities.
  • Become a creative problem solver.

How Does the Program Work?

students in  Carillon Studio

In the fall semester you complete the Carillon Studio (1-credit course) and an academic course that is aligned with your community's theme and taught by an expert in the field. There are three themes, each consisting of a variety of communities for you to choose from.
            Social Justice      Art and Activism, Freedom Fighting, iGIVE, Linguistic Profiling, Riots
            Science     Language, Once and Future Planet, Weather and Climate
            Entrepreneurship      Enterprising Cultures

How Does It Fit with My Major?

The Carillon Studio allows you to learn about University resources, review majors, meet with your academic advisor, and develop a four-semester plan.

The academic course is a three-credit General Education course that contributes to degree requirements. This video helps explain how the program fulfills those requirements.

Both courses teach creative problem solving, teamwork and communication. These are skills demanded of successful students in all majors and careers. Carillon courses are designed to complement your intended major and fulfill general education credits.