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Common Ground Deliberative Dialogues

This spring we are partnering with the Common Ground Dialogue Program to offer two Carillon-restricted sections of CHSE228, a 7-week, 1-credit course that gives groups of 12-16 students the structured opportunity to consider action steps and solutions to contemporary dilemmas in our society. This course fulfills the Cultural Competency (DVCC) General Education requirement. It is completely facilitated by trained undergraduate Peer Dialogue Leaders, making for a unique and innovative classroom experience that is fully peer-to-peer.

This course is a great opportunity for Carillon students to apply the creative problem solving and teamwork skills honed during their fall semester Carillon coursework. The Spring 2024 topics were developed by Carillon faculty and staff so that students could further explore topics that came up in their Big Question community courses. The topics are:

  • Should there be some redistribution of wealth to ensure that everyone's ability to live a long and healthy life can be optimized? 
  • Should controversial monuments (e.g. Confederate memorials, statues of enslavers, etc.) be removed?
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