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Spring Admitted Students

Congratulations! You have been invited to join Carillon Communities. More than half of all first-year students at Maryland participate in a learning community. We are excited for you to join Carillon–the living-learning community that translates your curiosity into action.

Participating in Carillon

Students admitted to UMD for Spring 2024 have the opportunity to participate in Freshmen Connection. Through Freshmen Connection, you have the option to begin your time at Maryland as a member of Carillon Communities.

Follow the steps below to confirm your participation in Carillon Communities. Please note that space in the Carillon Freshmen Connection Communities is available on a first-come, first-served basis

  1. Enroll in Freshmen Connection
  2. Read about the Carillon program
  3. Explore the two Carillon Communities for Freshmen Connection students: Freedom Fighting and Masculinities and Family Health
  4. Choose one Carillon community
  5. Enroll in both courses associated with your chosen community:
    1. Freedom Fighting: HIST132 FC01 and IDEA101 FC01
    2. Masculinities: FMSC190 FC01 and IDEA101 FC02

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions about Carillon Communities.

Students participating in Carillon Communities will reside in Easton Hall or Hagerstown Hall. Every new first-year student who plans to live in campus residence halls MUST complete the Housing/Dining Services Agreement by May 1 to be eligible to live on campus. The housing agreement can be found at Resident Life.

The University of Maryland will hold four Admitted Student Open Houses. We hope you can join us on one of these dates to learn more about Maryland and about Carillon Communities:

  • Friday, March 10
  • Friday, March 31
  • Monday, April 10
  • Friday, April 21 (virtual)
  • March 10th and 31st, April 10th and 21st – UMD Open Houses 
  • March 15th, 5-6 pm ET - Virtual Information Session for Spring Admitted students (register)
  • March 28th - Freshmen Connection course enrollment opens (on a fist-come, first-served basis)
  • May 1st – Deadline to enroll in Freshmen Connection
    • Deadline to submit Housing and Dining Agreement
    • International Students (F or J Visa) enrollment closes
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