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Beatrice Hammet ('22)

Beatrice Hammet ('22)

Beatrice Hammet ('22)

Beatrice Hammet, from Bowie, MD, answers some questions about her experience in Carillon Communities. Beatrice, a Letters and Sciences student, participated in the Weather and Climate community.

What made you decide to join Carillon?
It was a combination of getting into a living learning community and being able to explore my options through Letters and Sciences. The types of communities Carillon had to offer were very interesting and I was undecided, so being able to look at something entirely different was helpful.

How do you feel carillon has helped you adapt to the college environment?
It's definitely made making friends easier. I know everyone on my floor and got to know them better through being in the same classes. We were all in this together! Togetherness helped the transition, because those first two weeks, you feel very alone. But getting to know people and have classes with them makes the transition easier!

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from your Carillon experience?
There's a lot--for example, how to develop relationships with professors. Dr. Tim was awesome; he really helped us become comfortable with talking to professors in a big classroom setting and asking questions.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Carillon?
Definitely join, because it's an incredible opportunity. If you're thinking you'll have a hard time transitioning into college, making many friends or handling academics, you'll know that within this community, there's a lot of resources and help. 

To whom would you recommend Carillon Communities? 
People who are interested in campus life and want to get to know UMD through a living learning community. That's what Carillon did--it opened my eyes as to the resources, help, and experiences UMD has to offer. 

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