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Past Communities

freedom fighting, protest, black and white

Freedom Fighting

How did ordinary people destroy American slavery?

Prof. Richard Bell
Fall 2023

speech, black and white

Free Speech

Why is the right to free speech so essential in a democracy and such a threat to totalitarianism?

Prof. Cynthia Martin
Fall 2023

data illustration

Visualizing Knowledge

Is data beautiful?

Prof. Oliver Gaycken
Fall 2023

city skyline


How do cities work?

Prof. Deb Niemeier
Fall 2021

digital media illustration

Digital Media and Law

What are our constitutional rights and ethical responsibilities as citizens of the digital world?

Prof. Deborah Nelson
Fall 2021, 2022

commuters on sidewalk

Enterprising Cultures

How does personal identity shape our lives as entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers in a thoroughly business-oriented society?

Prof. David Sicilia
Fall 2017, 2018, 2019

hello written in languages on chalkboard

Linguistic Profiling

What are the implications of speaking with a dialect?

Prof. Ebony Terrell-Shockley
Fall 2018, 2019

person in dark tunnel

Novel Humans

What are the dark, uncertain borders between the human and the nonhuman, between the natural and the unnatural, between life and death?

Prof. Jonathan Auerbach
Fall 2015, 2016

riot scene


When and how can riots be morally justified?

Prof. Bernard Cooperman
Fall 2018, 2019, 2020

typewriter with words on page

Write Now

Why does poetry matter?

Prof. Joshua Weiner & Michael Collier
Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

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