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Our IDEA101 Instructors

Our IDEA101 (Carillon Studio) instructors come from different parts of the University of Maryland community. Each instructor has a role on campus separate from their work with Carillon Communities. They spend time teaching the Carillon Studio and being involved with Carillon each year because they are passionate about helping students start their journey at the University of Maryland.

Jamila Aswad

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Jamila's bio

Bria Bennett

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Bria's bio

Isabelle Van Benschoten

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Isabelle's bio

Lorae Bonamy-Lohve

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Lorae's bio

Imani Burwell

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Imani's bio

Nikki Charlestin

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Nikki's bio

Jillian Cordial

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Jillian's bio

Jenny Cox

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Jenny's bio

Diana Forbus

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Diana's bio

Leslie Krafft

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Leslie's bio

Alia Lancaster

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Alia's bio

Jennifer Lindstrom

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Jennifer's bio

Markell Saunders

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Markell's bio

Louisa Nkrumah

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Louisa' bio

Samuel Shie

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Samuel's bio

 David Steele

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David's bio

Tion Taylor

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Tion's bio

Laura Widener 

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Laura's bio
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